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Classroom Management Through Psychodrama

Course Description: No matter how attractive our materials are or how well we prepared for our lessons, our   relationships with our students sometimes become the heart of   our teaching. There are times when we have difficulty in finding out how to establish ‘good’ relations with ‘certain’ students.  There are also times when a conflict situation is inevitable. At those times, stepping out of the situation and looking at our relationship with the student(s) from outside is needed. The techniques of Psychodrama can respond to this need. Psychodrama is a science of interpersonal relations. It helps people become aware of their own ways of establishing relations with others and offers alternative ways of approaching the problems in interpersonal relations.

This course touches upon a variety of topics in Classroom Management ranging from disciplinary issues to Teacher Talking Time.  In the sessions, rather than talking about the situations in which we are having trouble in class, we will enact the situations, try to determine what the difficulty in the situation is and how the teacher and the student(s) have come to this situation. Employing the techniques of Psychodrama, we aim to look for ways of getting out of the situation and try out developing different ways of relations with our students.

Course Duration: 12 hours

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