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Developing as a Trainer 1: Basic Principles

by Dr. Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken

April 12-13, 2014

Aims  :  This two-day program is aimed at teachers who are interested in developing their basic knowledge and skills in the area of teacher training.



Saturday, April 12th

Sunday, April 13th









  • Introduction and


  • Teacher training and development
  • Approaches to training:

      6 key questions



  • Exploring resources for professional development
  • Planning and giving a workshop



L      U      N      C      H







  • Exploring teaching and learning practices and processes
  • Effective teaching
  • Lesson observation



  • Feedback and research
  • Organizing in-service PD activities
  • Setting up a TD group



Deniz Kurtoglu Eken (PhD) works at Sabanci University, School of Languages where she also worked as the director of the school for 10 years until September 2012. Over the years, she has been involved in teaching, curriculum development, qualitative research studies, teacher and trainer training and development, including formal training courses with UCLES, the British Council in Turkey and in the UK, the U.S. Embassy, the Turkish Ministry of Education and with different schools and universities in Turkey. Deniz has designed and directed formal trainer training courses at private Turkish universities as well as the SLTEP and provided consultancy to many institutions on a wide range of topics. She has publications in teaching methodology, qualitative research, teacher and trainer training and development, school effectiveness and development which are also her main areas of interest. Her biggest interest and challenge remains to be an in-depth exploration into individual growth through personal and professional development. For more information, please visit her website at:

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